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Can you adopt or foster a special-needs cat or kitten?

Foster homes for special-needs animals are often urgently needed but can be difficult to find. Special needs cats include those who are elderly, timid, traumatized, recovering from injury, or who have chronic but manageable medical problems (food allergies, hyperthyroid, diabetes, FIV, etc.). Some are just quirky or rambunctious, but lovable, cats with big personalities.

Please email us if you can provide a temporary haven or forever home for any of our kitties!

Requirements for fostering

Fill out the same application that you would fill out to adopt. You must provide a pet-safe environment, and have the consent and support of any other household members. Fostering a special needs cat or kitten can sometimes require medicating the fostered animal on a regular basis, so you should be able to maintain an appropriate schedule and be comfortable with medicating a pet.

Most of our animals are listed online. Use the links below to search for a pet or to download an appllication to adopt or foster.

Happy ending for a past special needs kitty

Amelia survived a nasty accident in which her tail and one hind leg were very badly damaged: she may have been caught in a car engine as it started. The picture above shows her in the condition in which she was found, with crushed leg and gangrenous tail (both had to be amputated). Amelia made a great recovery. Although not much of a jumper, she could play, climb, and stick her nose into everything. Thanks in part to the Stumpy Fund, Amelia presided over a household of her own, and became a Buffalo Bills fan.